About Us…

About Us…


Why Yours Locally? We recently discovered a local producer who we had no idea was located so close to us despite having passed them many times over the years. It was a bit of a surprise that someone was producing such high quality, fresh, healthy produce right on our doorstep yet we didn’t know they were there and we thought how many more local producers are on our doorstep who we aren’t supporting and are passing by each and every day?

The reality is we are all busy with family life and work commitments and for ease we buy our weekly produce from large supermarkets as ‘we can get all we need from one place’, sometimes opting for convenience over quality. But if we could purchase our weekly produce from our local farmers and producers in a convenient way, would we?


This prompted us to think; What if we could source an affordable and varied range of produce and make this convenient by delivering this locally, would this encourage people to buy local produce and by doing so support our local producers and local economy?

So we went about looking for local producers, farmers and suppliers and it didn’t take us long to source some wonderful, high quality, affordable products. We have been and continue to be amazed at what we have found – quite literally on our doorstep!

And so Yours Locally was conceived – ‘local produce, for local people, delivered to their doors’.

And we haven’t stopped yet, despite having over 1200 products listed so far, we will continue to extend our product range so that we can deliver to local people an even greater selection of locally produced, high quality, affordable produce.


“It’s a great feeling delivering to our customers, because we know what we are handing over is good quality and it’s healthy! Knowing that we are delivering healthier, fresher, affordable products to local people and that by doing so we are supporting our local economy – our local farmers and producers and that we are not adding to the global food miles challenge, make this a job worth doing!” – Cherie Williams, Founder.