Our Aims…

Our Aims…

Our aim is to highlight the wonderful, locally sourced and grown produce available from within a small radius of just 40 miles. We aim to highlight the benefits of local produce as a healthier option and deliver this to local people. We aim to show that as our produce will have travelled only a few miles, it will be healthier as it will contain few or no preservative or additives.

What is healthy?

Organic, demeter, bio-dynamic…. There are a variety of terms these days referring to high quality, ‘healthier’ produce that is available, unfortunately these often come with high price tags too. Our aim is not to deliver any of these in particular, it is solely to deliver local produce. Whether that’s organic or bio-dynamic it makes no difference – simply local.

We believe that by the mere fact our produce hasn’t travelled halfway around the world, means it is going to be fresher and healthier.

We believe that by encouraging local people to buy from their local farmers and producers, we will boost our local economy.

We believe that by sourcing produce from within our targeted 40 mile radius, we can be confident we are not adding to the global food distribution problem of ‘excess food miles’.

Is it affordable? We aim to show that fresh and local can be affordable as there are often misconceptions that fresh produce is more expensive – this isn’t always the case. That said, it ought to be recognised that in order to produce high quality food on a smaller scale, there can sometimes be a premium for that quality. We can’t always compete with the supermarkets who buy in bulk, and it could be said compromise quality over quantity, but we can deliver high quality, healthy, local produce.


We’ll deliver the freshest produce available. This may not always carry a label, but it will be local and it will be fresh and we will minimise the miles our produce has travelled to as few as possible. We even hope to notify you of the miles your produce has travelled to get to you when we deliver!

Where we can, if your order is within 1 mile, we will even jump on our trusty ol’ bicycles to deliver your order, further reducing our carbon footprint! (If you are anywhere near Reigate Hill – this will not be happening, we are not that fit…!) For orders over a mile and on Reigate Hill we have local delivery drivers available.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and discovering, as we have, the wonderful produce the 40 miles surrounding Lower Kingswood has to offer.

Our aim is to highlight the wonderful, high quality produce available – right on our doorsteps – in fact we’ll even deliver it to your doorstep, making it entirely convenient for you, whilst supporting our local economy!

If you have any ideas or thoughts you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact us.