Our Philosophy…

Our Philosophy…

Simply – Local produce, for Local people.

Our Communities

www.nfuonline.com for more important information and a copy of their leaflet ‘What Agriculture and Horticulture Mean to Britain’). By highlighting the wonderful, local products we have sourced, we hope to boost our local economy. By increasing demand we hope to generate more local jobs – for local people.

Our Health & Our World:

It seems almost on a daily basis, we hear something in the news raising questions over the quality of food we are feeding our families, where it has come from and what health risks this may pose in years and generations to come.

A quick test, if you will – have a look in your fridge and or larder “look at the labels of the produce:

Take 5 items and consider the following:

  • How many miles has this produce travelled to be in my fridge and or larder?
  • How much diesel and or fuel has it taken to get to me?
  • How many preservatives/chemicals have been used to have this still ‘appearing fresh’ despite how far it has travelled?

Of those items you just tested, did they really need to come from
Guatemala? Israel? Spain? Peru? Holland? Or which ever part of the world
they have travelled from? And at what cost?

It goes without saying, there are some products we struggle to produce in the UK (with our wonderful, crazy, barmy weather), and there are certain flavours and spices that we simply cannot produce in this country, however, we have to ask the question – why do we purchase foods that have travelled halfway around the world and no doubt full of preservatives or additives in order to reach us ‘looking fresh’, when we could purchase equally good, high quality fresh local produce; which is not only fresh, but does so much for our local farmers, our local producers, our economy and by logical calculations, better for our health?

Our hope is that our local delivery service meets the above concerns; healthier food for our families, increased demand for our local producers and farmers, regeneration our local economy and communities and a reduction in excessive food mileage – even just a little, it’s all got to help!

If we all did the one thing that is most important to us, the impact of our collective action could make a big difference

Defra Attitudes and Behaviours around Sustainable Food Purchasing